“Competitive Multi-City Regionalism”, now available in print

I’m happy to announce that my Regional Studies article, “Competitive Multi-City Regionalism: Growth Politics Beyond the Growth Machine”, is now available in print. It’s in Vol 51, Issue 4 of Regional Studies, and here’s the abstract:

Local growth politics are increasingly conducted at scales that confound the assumptions of growth machine theory. This paper analyzes ‘competitive multi-city regionalism’ in the United States – local growth coalitions collaborating on economic development across multiple city-regions. It introduces the concept of ‘scalar logics of regionalism’ to characterize the multiple regionalism projects at work throughout the state–economy nexus, and develops a comparative case study of regionalism initiatives in Arizona, Florida and Ohio to demonstrate the importance of interactions and conflict between different scalar logics in determining the multi-scalar outcomes of local growth politics.

I’ll be presenting related research at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting in Boston next month, as part of a paper session titled “Whither the Growth Machine?”. Next week I’ll post a preview of this paper along with my other conference activities.

The final author draft of the paper is freely available to download. The Version of Record of this manuscript has been published and is available in Regional Studies 51 (4).